The Word Still Speaks!


In Proverbs 1, I read that it's a wise person who "will hear and increase in learning".
It's the wise person who "will acquire (yet more) wisdom"!
It's the wise person who will make time to listen, to think "understand a proverb and a figure" "understand the words of the wise and their riddles"!
Yes, in the days of ever increasing speed on every platform, there is a drastic need to make breaks in the speed of work, sports, studies, shortcuts to almost everything done and everywhere we want to get to! On the list it goes.
In those breaks I suggest we have a crucial need for making time to quietly, methodically "think" and "listen to the words of the wise and the summaries of the thoughts spoken in riddles and figures"!
This is the Truth that is in Jesus Christ.

The WORD still speaks!
The Fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom.
Growing to fear the LORD more than yesterday, will result in fearing man less for tomorrow!
In this way we learn to not fear man but be enabled to respect, honour and love every man, just as Christ has loved and given Himself in totality for the good of every one who calls on Him! Fear by one man of the next, causes a "divide" which ever grows! God's purpose is exactly the opposite!

He has paid and provided for the closing of the divisions!
We should be seeing gaps decreasing! God has empowered us to make unity and harmonious living become a reality in our lives.

Fearing the LORD would surely lead us to wisdom handle every sort of relationship or at least succeed in not suffering from the fear of other people in place of loving them!

Man suffers often from a paralyzing fear of people on almost every side: enemies, family members, peers, employers or employees, leaders (of both governments and leaders on every level, in and out of the Church) ... even fearing one's own spouse!

When we turn our fear towards God, revering Him, we begin to still the soul and listen to Him, think of what He's saying, meditate on that, obey in humble surrender. Then comes the amazing discovery: the miracle of relational breaches which begin to shrink in very obvious ways!
This is a "working wisdom" so to speak.

This fear of the LORD ...the beginning of wisdom is what draws us to know, believe and begin to understand what God is offering us as He calls out to us to come to HIM!
He promises that "ALL" who call on Him will be "saved" ...rescued from so great a struggle! He promises also that nobody who calls on Him will be disappointed! In other words we can say "He is for sure"!

This will mean that "fearing the LORD" sees us fleeing from evil (as Paul tells Timothy) and running to Him!
This is the pursuit of righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness!
What a great ambition all the way to the end of this mortal life! It will all be completed when we see Him or if He takes us to be with Himself ...whichever is first!
God promises through James in his epistle, that God will never disappoint, hold back nor "hold to our account" when He gives wisdom in fullness. We don't need to "deserve" it we just need to "ask with faith" ...doubting nothing of Him!
We have the assurance and God's promise to provide Wisdom! Amazing!

Wisdom doesn't come from "age", nor "experience", nor "gender", "race", "culture", nor "religion"!
Wisdom comes from the LORD Himself; the only and true Source of wisdom! Paul the Apostle says that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is Wisdom and there's none apart from Him!

Proverbs says that wisdom is not "easily found". It will not be "just sitting, waiting to be plucked like a ripe plum" as it were! How do you know if you are asking "by faith"?
You will know you are asking by faith because in your soul there is a spirit of "expectation with assurance" from the Spirit of God.
- Q: "do I have or, how often do I have that sense of conscious expectation of God faithfully granting ...right on time... what He promised"? In those times and experiences, I have asked Him in faith ...nothing doubting... and of course, He IS faithful!
When through faith, we go to Him for wisdom in any given situation, He really does give that to us in abundance. That is His Word and He speaks to our hearts to assure us when we are genuinely seeking His wisdom without any doubting!

With this wisdom and faith He gives you security, satisfaction and quietness deep in your soul.
This is God's fulfillment of His promise: a quality of life on this earth that is "eternal": "through Him, to Him, for Him, all things."

Jesus Christ says for sure to keep on praying, knowing the primary issue is not what you're asking about no matter how urgent -for He says we should persevere in prayer BUT adds this: "When the Son of Man comes, will He find FAITH on the earth?"
Yes, the Word Still Speaks!

If you have any questions, OR you'd just like to tell me something of what you think about what I've written above ...please write to me by email.
-Let me know where you live ...the city and the country:
I'll be glad to answer you. Thank you. Keep on Believing.

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