The Spirit - The Word - Jesus Christ

The Word Still Speaks!

In John’s Gospel record of the Lord Jesus Christ he opens with a

"In the beginning was the WORD!
The WORD was with God!
The WORD was God!"
A few verses later he declares that this Word became flesh and lived among
us and we beheld (saw vividly, openly and majestically) His glory... His glory!

In so many words, John is confidently affirming that the Truth they knew
about God and heard about God was then both "seen and heard" in the
Person of Jesus Christ.

What the Holy Spirit of God was revealing in the written Word (the
Scriptures) was now seen in the living Word - Lord Jesus Christ ...the Man!

The glory in the beginning -the Word- was not the scriptures but God Himself.

What glory was the Word in the beginning, was the glory then revealed in
the written Word and was the same glory in the Living Word!

It was the Lord Jesus Christ Who was revealed in the Scriptures, then seen
and heard in the person as a man... now revealed to the church.

The One Who spoke was the Spirit of God: before the scriptures; in the
scriptures and in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

- The Spirit of God does not now change His message.
- He does not give or speak of new revelations; new doctrines; new promises
...things which go beyond the message Jesus Himself proclaimed not
even complementing or adding to
what He said, was and still is.

Jesus didn’t say that the Spirit would lead us into new truth but into all truth.

- The Lord Jesus Christ Who is the Word and the Holy Spirit Who Speaks
through the Word, speaks Truth and that Truth is Jesus Christ Himself.
He was not followed by a new revealer of new revelation!

He Himself is the final revelation.
- The written Word is all about Him: The Lord Jesus Christ Himself.
Do you remember from Luke ch.24 what Jesus proved in His explanation of
scripture to the 2 distressed, deeply disappointed men on the road to
Emmaus? Beginning with "Moses and ...all the prophets... He explained to
them the things concerning Himself in all the scriptures"
- It was all about Him!

In Acts ch.1 Luke goes on to say that what Jesus began to do and teach, now
continues to do and teach.

The Word had spoken and the Word was still speaking to them and the Word
will continue to speak through those who were truly His disciples!

The Word is today still being heard and seen in and through the church in
whom He lives. He still today reveals Himself in the freshness and power of
His resurrection!

- This is Him Who always was, is and always will be ...the same!
He will continue to speak to you in the days ahead ...even as He speaks right
now ...right now as you listen to Him!
- He is the same message; showing the same glory!

Remember, His words to you will not be a new message with a new voice as
He never changes - revealed in creation ...since creation... by the Spirit of
God Himself, then revealed by the same Spirit in the person of Christ Jesus
and now in and through the church His body!

In a world constantly changing, self destroying and desperately needing the
message of the divine, powerfully redeeming and regenerating Life of our
Lord Jesus Christ is the only message from the voice of the Word!

Listen to Him because He will continue to give clarity and direction to the
confused; hope and comfort to the despairing; salvation to the lost; Life to
the dead; poise to the weak ...a quality of Life that is found only in Him
Who is the Word.

He’s returning soon.
He is still the Message.
He is still the Word...
and yes,
The Word Still Speaks!

If you have any questions, OR you'd just like to tell me something of what you think about what I've written above ...please write to me by email.
-Let me know where you live ...the city and the country:
I'll be glad to answer you. Thank you. Keep on Believing.

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