The Word STILL Speaks
Deliverance from Despair

In Isaiah Ch.41, within just a few verses there’s a message about deliverance and hope to those related to the Lord Jesus Christ!
- 14 promises (“I Will ...”) in one short letter to those He loves!

This message will give you powerful assurance of real-life answers of deliverance from an often times persisting and pursuing dilemma of a type of “captivity” which can only be overcome by Him but must include your own personal response to the LORD God -the Lord Jesus Christ Who is making the offer!
- Listen to the answers in the Word as The Word STILL Speaks!
He is the Living Word Who speaks to you as revealed in the Written Word.
-Listen now to what He, the Deliverer says to you! His Word: for YOU!
Isaiah Ch.41:
Vs.10:      I will strengthen you...
    again: I will help you...
    again: I will uphold you...
Vs.13:      I will hold your right hand...
    again: I will help you...
Vs.14:      I will help you...
Vs.15:      I will make you...
Vs.17:      I will hear them...
    again: I will not forsake...
Vs.18:      I will open rivers in high places...
    again: I will make the dry and barren life a pool of water...
Vs.19:      I will plant in the dry and barren life the cedar...
    again: I will set in the middle of the dry and barren life the fir tree
Vs.27:      I will give My people, someone to bring GOOD NEWS to them...
If I believe and thereby ACT on the premise that these are HIS promises;
HIS assurances of HIS provision in my times and your times of deep need,
then He WILL start to deliver you precisely in those areas which at times
bring paralysis and further fear. There will be results for sure!
It’s His Word.
In prophecy: Isaiah Ch.41, God speaks in ways that are not scolding; reprimanding; correcting; disciplinary ...but in His own powerfully wooing way, God reinforces His authority with this promise:
“I WILL...”

* He is not telling us to work harder; to work better; to work more effectively; to work less; to work longer; to take a holiday or vacation; to quit or keep going.
* No’s a matter of disposition; perspective of the heart in what He has set before you... or how else do you say that?
* It is not necessarily related to the work you do or...
- the work you don’t do or...
- the work you should do ...although it may certainly effect all of those!
These are not the issue!

Now, one obviously needs to hear, but you need to believe: and rediscover what it’s going to look like in everyday life ...even if we want to; long to; strive to ...or may have studied the how to’s; taught others the how to’s; and perhaps just can’t seem to get ahold of that “handle” on what it means to “rest” in Him and “rely” on His Word. There are no tricks nor formulae! When God says, “I will” He says it with all the authority of the Omnipotent One”. He has foreseen every difficulty and stumbling block!
He knows every obstacle (psychological; physical; human, real or imagined!
He is acutely aware of every other possible barrier!

He knows very well what those things are that will get in His way to provide these promises of deliverance to you! These don’t threaten Him in the tiniest way! Of course not!

- He knows the weakness of the ones to whom He makes His promise and yet He still says:
               * I WILL!
Then of course, what would we expect more to hear but the words like:
    - Fear not
    - you... don’t you fear (amplified by me)
Here is the Almighty God calling to the uttermost “ends” of the earth for a consultation to settle an issue finally, fully. The test proposed is very simple!
    - He commands “Keep silence before Me O islands and let the people renew their strength: let them come near; then let them speak; let us come near together to look at the facts and reason it out as far as what I offer!
    - Come, listen, believe, repent, believe in Me as you turn from the terror that grips you and come to Me to get the deliverance and rest I offer in exchange!

                THE WORD STILL SPEAKS!
                Read the full passage of Is.40 – 41.

If you have any questions, OR you'd just like to tell me something of what you think about what I've written above ...please write to me by email.
-Let me know where you live ...the city and the country:
I'll be glad to answer you. Thank you. Keep on Believing.

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