The God of the LIVING

The WORD, John says in his account of the Good News, is God Himself. He says further that the WORD became "flesh" ...or "human" ...fully human, that is!

This is amazing! As you read on through the rest of his accounts of many, many things that this Jesus said and did -you find that Jesus Himself claimed that it was His Heavenly Father Who was the origin of all His words and all His works!

Jesus also declared that all who would believe in Him ...though they should die, yet would they live!
Many don't want to think: "what significance is there after I die?" Many don't want to think "what significance is there, even while I live?" Whether we like to think of it or not, Jesus Christ brought amazing, life changing significance to the lives as well as to the thinking of those who constantly surrounded Him in His years of earthly ministry, and He is still in that "business" today! It's so vital to pay attention to what is truly of eternal significance to our daily living!

Before Christ Jesus was born as a human on earth through the virgin Mary, He was always the "God of the LIVING" ...not just of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but of millions of others too who believed in and surrendered to Him!

In John chapter 11, Jesus also told Mary and Martha whom He knew so well, that He Himself was the "Resurrection and the Life" ...not just an experience of "after death" but a contemporary experience of daily living on earth.

- For all who would believe in Him, He became Life, ETERNAL LIFE ...not just for "one day" but for now, "every day"!

What difference would it make in your life if He, the God of the LIVING would live out His Life both IN you and THROUGH you?

I personally often talk to Him about this ...that His resurrection Life would be that which is both heard and seen each day!

Let me share a few reflections on this ...about the Word Himself ...since He does STILL Speak!

In Acts 3:13 Paul the Apostle says: "The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob ... has glorified His servant Jesus, (raised Him from the dead ...the One) Whom you delivered up, and disowned in the presence of Pilate, when he had decided to release Him."

In Acts 7:32 Paul again quotes Jesus to say "I am the God of ... Abraham and Isaac and Jacob ..." for He was not the God of the dead but God of the LIVING!

This same Lord Jesus Christ will make His glory to shine through your daily living whether in the home, another work place or on the streets or in the church body as He lives in you ...if you are related to Him and belong to Him through His indwelling Holy Spirit!

The question is not of his resurrection but of our "believing" in Him ...and obedient faith in Him!

He proved Himself as the God of Promise; the God of Provision and the God of incredible Patience throughout the Bible... from Genesis through Malachi!

You should read the book of Genesis and see Him:
- the God of Abraham, as the God of Promise;
- then the God of Isaac, as the God of Provision;
- then the God of Jacob, as the God of amazing Patience!

This same God is the Word made flesh, born as a human and now resurrected from the dead and not only ascended ...but living in you and me... if we have received Him into our lives.

This same One will
-fulfill His promises
    - never fail on His provision
    - and continue to uphold and sustain you with His amazing patience ...yes during times of weakness or strength; in sickness or health; in youth or old age; in times of happiness and joy as well as in those dark times when you can hardly wait for the morning!

Believing in Jesus Christ's resurrection Life ...that He is the God of the Living ...not of the Dead... will allow Him once again to demonstrate His resurrection Life (not merely by an empty tomb from 2,000 years ago) but now in every day reality ...His Deity in terms of your humanity!

Will you believe with me, in Him Who will not fail in anything that He is?
He cannot fail. Listen to Him! Believe in Him!
Obey Him while implicitly relying in Him!

If you have any questions, OR you'd just like to tell me something of what you think about what I've written above ...please write to me by email.
-Let me know where you live ...the city and the country:
I'll be glad to answer you. Thank you. Keep on Believing.

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