The Word Still Speaks!
"Wholehearted Service"

Wholeheartedness was in a man named Caleb: an outstanding quality of life ...bringing success and commendation from God's Himself!

Of course none of it is of any eternal value at all ... unless it's origin is God ...Yes God Himself, indwelling us by Christ's resurrection Life!
- Christ is as available to us now for the service into which He puts us as the Father was to Him then, in the service into which He sent Him He said " the Father has sent me, even so I send you!

In Deuteronomy 1:36 God said, "Caleb ...has wholly followed the LORD"!
Here is the story of a man who poured all that he had into this life to which God had sent him ....OR was it the life in which he simply found himself along with all the others being led by Moses?!!! More likely the latter and more likely later on discovered through his contemplation and love for the Lord that it was in fact the Lord Himself Who had indeed sent him there and arranged for him to grow up with Moses and Joshua and all the other leaders with whom he served as a younger man and zealous to go at God's bidding anywhere at any cost at any time! "Wholehearted" was God's commendation after about 40 years of service in the desert through which they traversed and found daily God's supply and assurance of His Presence!

Caleb was a man of unwavering faith!
Completely and unreservedly he trusted in the Presence and Power of the Almighty One! His fearlessness rested on His God in Whom he put his faith!
Caleb believed that God could ...and for sure ...God did!

At about the age of 40, he along with Joshua were caught on the short end of a minority report! The vote was 10-2! Caleb and Joshua were the 2 ...but they were confident in their report of faith!
(Take some time to read all about that in Numbers ch. 13.) The majority saw the giants but the two men of faith saw God. They all saw with their eyes the reality of what was there in the land but these 2 saw things from a completely different perspective!
The 10 saw the giants ...just like the 2, but they could only see them according to their own weakness and smallness! The 2 saw the giants and a lot more, but these saw all that in relation to the power of the LORD!
What Caleb inwardly believed he outwardly confessed, regardless of the consequences! He lived up to his name: Caleb, which means "all heart"! He pleased God for he "dared" to believe! To him it was not a "dare" but "normal" to believe in a much greater God!
- Caleb declared: "we are well able to overcome".
I love his dauntless spirit! Wow!
- He says "let's go up at once..." This was no cocky or proud or strutting boast of an egotist.
- Even at the age of 85 he was still on target... totally, completely and solely shouting "Let's go! Give me a mountain to conquer"!

Caleb was a man who was willing to stand alone!
Strong in His conviction he wanted to "get on with it"!
- Yes ...Caleb followed God fully! That was God's declaration of Caleb's quality of heart and attitude.
This life that is here today and who knows for how long yet ...can still be run and walked in victory ...WHOLEHEARTEDLY!
Think about this!


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