Keep on Believing!

Another "boat ride" with His disciples, Jesus, climbing out and onto the seashore was met by a huge crowd of people! Through the masses came pressing up to Him one of the Synagogue rulers (Jairus) no doubt well known. As soon as he reached Jesus he fell down at His feet persuasively begging Jesus to come to his house to stop his little daughter from dying!

This man's "believing" was unabated! It made him absolutely determined to reach this young, impressive, very different and powerful man who obviously had the power over evil spirits, all sorts of chronic illnesses, mental and physical challenges and even to make a little bit of food multiply to satisfy thousands of men, women and children who had been listening to Him and watching all day ... the amazing things He told them about this Kingdom of God incredibly different from the kingdom of the "usually religious" or of the leaders of the Jewish people! The reputation of this man of some rural sort of peasant class of people had spread like the wind for so many reasons!
(Read the stories in Mark Ch.1-5)

He was nothing less than amazing!

Nobody around had seen such things in their lives ...not the teaching nor the works that they had heard and saw from this most ordinary ...yet... most astounding young man! Who was he and from where really did he come? He was nothing short of an enigma to most of them ...especially the Jewish authorities! In fact, they concluded that "this man teaches as one having authority, not as the (educated and highly esteemed, qualified ones called) the Scribes!

This man called Jesus continually reached into the hearts of the masses and yet if you were to watch Him more closely ... His ways were different! Very different, in fact!

He would penetrate deeply into the lives of one here and another there ...with an amazing confidence and determination to "go here or stay there"; to "do this and not that"; never affected by those who thought a different place or time would be better for even any number of practical reasons! Personal security was never an issue. Liability of others' opinions and judgments on His character and behaviour ...admittedly pretty unorthodox most of the time... was very apparently never an issue to Him!

He obviously knew what to do and where to go and how long to take to get there... sometimes delaying; sometimes even disappearing and other times just walking right away through the crowds ...but for sure, wherever He was going and whatever He was going for, always got the priority in His days and nights!


Well ...back to Jairus the synagogue ruler and his pain, his fear of his little daughter about to die was driving him to utter despair!

You can find this story amongst many others, in Mark Ch.5. In vs.35 some folks came running to tell Jairus basically "it was all over as his little girl had died ... so he shouldn't bother the Master ...or Teacher any more (Jesus, that is, this man of peasant class but with awesome powers and authority).

Well ...Jesus, because of Who is really is ...overhearing the message to the man in the crisis, said to him:

"don't be afraid any more ...just keep on believing!"

"What d'you mean?" (you or I may have asked in our minds). "Now that my daughter has died's all over, so no need to let emotions of fear over-run us? Then why ...why the command: "only keep on believing"!

What is he up to now? What would this man do now?

Jesus pressed his way further through the crowd and onwards to the house of Jairus where the lamenters were wailing loudly but Jesus hushes them, assuring them of something pretty ludicrous to their minds! "She's only sleeping" He told them.
Well that was about as stupid as it comes!
He doesn't pay attention to their mocking but moves as always, ...motivated, focused and determined on His goal!

He takes with Him only 3 or 4, plus the parents into the little girl's room; takes her by the hand and commands her:
"Young girl, I say to you "ARISE"!"
She did just that!
End of story!
Is that what the Lord Jesus is saying to you ...perhaps in the paralysis of fear! Perhaps ready to quit!
He is saying the same thing now:
Don't fear any more!
Only keep believing.

However ...beware: "believing" will keep you going BUT if it's "just" believing may even lead you to worse disillusionment or despair! So be careful!

Jairus already believed in Jesus, that's why he ran like he did in the first place find Him ...the one in Whom he evidently believed!

What you need to do is to: - not fear any more and keep on believing in Him! He must be the "Object of your faith".

The same Lord Jesus Christ is just as concerned for your personal or family needs matter how desperate!

Maybe Jairus' dying or already deceased daughter is the "sleeping" condition of what He wants to raise to Life through His capacity for you and to His glory!
Keep on believing (*in HIM)
Don't get distracted.

In the crowds of people
YOU are His Personal Concern.


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