Diligent Faithfulness ... a Winner

In following the story of Joseph's life in Gen. 37 - his dreams, his bizarre sibling experiences: thrown in a pit to die or perhaps even to be eaten by wild animals; sold to slave traders; pawned off to the a foreign nation: he was apparently at everybody and anybody else's mercy!

The next stage saw him taking the guff in the midst of a backfiring of his stand on true moral integrity being thrown in a foreign jail without a sentence, charge or time limit; forgotten by fellow inmates; no evident control over his circumstances very apparent that throughout the whole experience he trusted in his God Whom He knew personally.

He trusted Him to protect and keep him through it all. Just an amazing story! (Read the whole story from Genesis 37 onwards!) God was responsible for Joseph's dreams as also for their fulfillment. Persecution, perhaps desperate despair in loneliness, fear, distress and ridicule was all triggered by Joseph simply telling his brothers what God had told him in his dreams! They turned on him in bitterly jealousy, so much so in fact, they hated him!

Joseph's continual diligence in his faithfulness to God "shines" throughout his years of consistent submission even to "enemy authority"; diligence in his work, whether jailed or free ...and eventually ....Truth emerges and before the whole world Joseph is vindicated and exalted to a position, which allowed him to be the real winner by whom God would save the nation ...as well as his entire family!

This is an outstanding lesson of the faithfulness of God in the diligence of man!

It's a lesson to be observed by all who would like to be successful in God's sight. Firstly, we should learn that there is no way to either push or rush this process.

Maturity of the men and women of God will develop in the process of God's time.

The unfolding of life's experiences are in the hand of God and we too! You are His personal concern. Wait in patience for Him while at the same time... diligently working through His empowering in obedient faith on Him!

If there is one characteristic so lacking in our generation and yet so evident in the life of this young man Joseph, it is "diligent faithfulness".

The flesh always wants life to go the easiest way; the cheapest way; the most fun way; the least painful way; the lowest investment with highest gain; control on every hand!

However, and simply, this is not life in reality as most of us rediscover ...though often too late!

God's "spiritual blessings" for Joseph and his family included both material bankruptcy AND material prosperity; physical persecution AND physical exaltation; social alienation AND social honour.

Throughout the ups and downs in his life, Joseph shines in diligent faithfulness and God is exalted; CHRIST being magnified in the life of this man Joseph who intentionally chose to trust God through it all!

Be diligently faithful. Be a real winner!

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