The Word Still Speaks
“...A Sword, not Peace”

...could that be really what Jesus meant, when He said:
'Do not think that I have come to bring peace on the earth.
I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.'!
You'll find that message in Matthew 1:34.
Yes... it is exactly what He said!
It's exactly what He meant.
What on earth then is the message of peace that supposedly is
the theme of this season of the year?
mmmm.... What ...just what, did He mean by that?

Didn't He come to bring Restoration
...healing to the broken hearted
comfort to those who mourn
justice to those who are oppressed
opening blind eyes
resurrection of the dead
healing to the sick... and...
on and on?
- Yes, to those who would accept what He would bring to them
if they would believe in Him!
Think about this for just a few minutes with me. God may open
your spiritual eyes to explain some of your own questions on lifesituations
which even now may be troublesome to you to

Maybe He will help you out of your bitterness or even keep you
from becoming bitter for wrongs done to you and conflicts with
those you thought loved you and yet... and yet... and yet ....?
* Ready? ...

- Well... take a breath! One thing for sure: Jesus did not
advocate conflict! That's a "given"! So what is the "sword" that
He said He came to bring?

Listen! When our Lord Jesus Christ offered tolerance to the
"sinners"; went to the parties and dinners of those who were
more than dubiously wrong! ...those who led much less than
"upright lifestyles"; those known well as hypocrites; the pharisees
who always argued with him and hated his ability to always trap
them in their own arguments ...usually even embarrassing them in
public... then to give them no defense at all... He became as a
sword to them ...yet still He was called the "Friend of Publicans
and Sinners".

What a reputation! "Friend of sinners"
...not a compliment ...but a sarcastic mockery!
They hated His forgiveness of those who were wrong and
His apparent lenience toward those who wronged Him!
They were angry at Him for being always right
Yet never needing to defend His own Person
This to Him was the sword to which He referred!

They hated His "patience ...and well beyond reasonability"
and the way He always maintained individual attention
for individual needs!
We notice that he didn't even stick up for His own family!
Each should be responsible to depend on the same Source of
Grace and Favour that was His resource!
In fact, He still teaches His followers to:
offer no resistance or retaliation
when they are attacked or ill-treated;
warning that they would be accused and mocked
for their forgiveness of others
This would, for sure, bring jealousy and anger
Here again is the "sword" because of His peace.
There are those who feel He should justify them
if He loved them!
He was supposed to be the Liberator ...after all!
But: Blessed ...said Jesus ("happy and to be envied") are the
peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God!
There's great cost to making peace.
It's not simply bargaining or talking through problems
It's the forgiveness ...the liquidation of ALL debts; the "no
further claim being put against that account!"
This is forgiveness ...nothing less!

Those who seek peace and pursue it are the ones
who reflect Christ's character.
These are the ones who will be blamed and hated.
Herein is the "sword" which Jesus said He came to bring!

The cost of this "peace of God" will be
at the same time a "sword"
to all who would want peace and pursue
the things which make for peace!

There are those who cannot handle "tolerance" of the wrong
doer; forgiveness and generosity by the one who is the follower
of Christ and reveals these characteristics.
It's truly a narrow road worth finding!
Rightly did Jesus say then He had come "not to bring peace but a
sword" for there would be the majority
who still will not release the other's wrongdoing!
The "sword" is the "jealousy"; the "anger from bitterness" and
the deep pain of suffering wrong ...because of unforgiveness.

It begins to backfire on us if we don't learn truly to control the
anger and jealousy and accusation and divisions ...which according
to Jesus are of the flesh and of the devil!
Don't bring the sword ...turn to Christ and bring peace...
Don't be caught handling "the sword"!
So subtly we lose the battle to start with!
The "sword" is what is going to be seen
more evidenced than peace of God!
It is more common.
The Peace of God in one believer
is going to bring a "sword" in
another's life!
It's very common.

Seek for the things that make for peace.
Expect that the cost will be the "sword"
or "division" through jealousy and anger.
It just "comes with the territory" the saying goes!
This season of the year, remember with me -Him Who came to
bare the penalty that I owed and couldn't afford to pay.
He payed it all for me! ...and for you!
So why would we hold anything at all against anyone?
When Jesus spoke of tension and conflict
He knew deeply, the reality of this on a personal level!
After all ...He had experienced it in His own family.
Loving your neighbour we are told does
"not hold to account a wrong suffered"!
Are you perhaps one who goes on and on thinking of
and talking of someone else's wrong against you?
If you love the enemy or brother will drop it!
Love does not cling to one's own rights to be vindicated!
Here-in is Victory through faith
in the Living Lord Jesus Christ!
The Word still Speaks you!


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