Previous 'Word Speaks' Devotionals

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Power for Pressures (with Audio)

Silent Construction — Reverent Splendour (with Audio)

Impressively Alive and Always Effective! (with Audio)

Don’t Forget to Remember! - the Unchanging One! (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - Prophetic Encouragement (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - Stronger than Satan (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - Your "FOREVER Value" (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - From Emptiness to Fullness (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - Stopped and Stuck at the Mountain! (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - Jesus Teaches more...on "Praying" (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - Jesus Teaches on Prayer (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - Truth of Freedom (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - Not Quite Ready? (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - Living Effectively (with Audio)

The Word Speaks - Wisdom (with Audio)

The Spirit - The Word - Jesus Christ (with Audio)

Deliverance from Despair (with Audio)

The Living God (with Audio)

Wholehearted Service (with Audio)

The Word Still Speaks! Think on Him

"Keep on Believing!" (with Audio)

The Word Still Speak "...A Sword, not Peace" (with Audio)

Fragile or Forever? (with Audio)

Still Looking? ...easy lessons hard to obey ...or? (with Audio)

Easy Lessons Hard to Obey? Or Hard Lessons Easy to Obey? (with Audio)

Not Perfect but Qualified!

Your Quietness...

Diligent Faithfulness...a Winner (with Audio)

If Not Now...When?

He's Looking for You

Learning the Things of the Ways of God

The Word Speaks...An Amazing Event

Prepared to be Effective

Becoming effective

Born to be effective

This New Year: God’s Will for You...through your Passion or His Command?


Psalm 144

Culturally Relevant or Christ Revealing?

Is Christ Alone Sufficient?

Substituting Activity for Identity

Worthwhile and Lasting

Worthwhile and Lasting

A Wondrous Work

Taking the Next Step

What Does Jesus Really Like



The Lie

Trust and Obey... taste! taste! (2)

The Storm of Life


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