FAQ: Accommodations, Meals and Facilities
Your Capernwray Bible School accommodation will be in comfortable rooms which you share with other students. Your meals will be in our dining hall, and are well prepared by our professional and enthusiastic kitchen staff.
Capernwray Bible School
This section gives you more detail about accommodation and dining options at Capernwray Bible School.

How many people share a dorm or room and what do the accommodations include?
There are two types of accommodation for female students: Preedy Lodge and Preedy Hamlets. The Lodge accommodates 34 ladies between 7 rooms. There are four or six in each room with four bathrooms throughout the building (six toilets, showers, sinks, etc.) The seven Hamlets accommodate either four or six ladies each and they have a Bathhouse just a distance way...all within a privately wooded area. The Bathhouse has six showers, toilets and sinks shared between 44 ladies.

Capernwray Bible School accommodations

Male students are accommodated in the Upper Cottages. There are seven men accommodated in each of the eight Upper Cottages. Each cottage has a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, as well as a sink situated in the main room.

All accommodations are fully winterized and comfortable year-round, equipped with baseboard heating.
Each accommodation and room has a slightly different set up. All have bunk beds. Some bunk beds have drawers underneath the bed and some have an open space for storage. Drawers vary in size as well.

The Lodge does not have desks in the rooms; however, the Hamlets and Upper Cottages have a table within the room for general use.

Capernwray Bible School meals

What are the meals like at Capernwray ? Is there a cafeteria?

The Capernwray Food Services Department follows Canada's Food Guide for menu planning. Most foods are prepared fresh each day, while incorporating a supply of fresh vegetables and fruits. There is a great variety within the menu.

We have an excellent kitchen staff, who love their work and it is evident in how and what they serve. Meals are served 'family-style' at tables for six. There is no assigned seating in the dining rooms.

Capernwray Bible School cottages

Can I live off of the Capernwray campus?

The One Year Programme at Capernwray is a residential programme; therefore, all students live on campus. The exception pertains to married couples or families who enroll as students. As we are generally not in the position to accommodate couples or families on property, private arrangements must be made by the student to secure a rental accommodation for the duration of the Bible School year on Thetis Island. A list of rental homes available on Thetis from September to May is available through the Capernwray Main Office.

Do you have laundry facilities?
There are several coin operated washing machines and dryers available in the laundromat on campus. Loonies ($1 coins) can be purchased from the Office or onsite store. All washing machines use liquid laundry detergent.
Are hangers provided?
There are a limited supply of hangers provided in each accommodation.
Is bedding provided at Capernwray ?
Bedding is provided including pillows and a comforter. If students bring their own personal bedding from home, it will be each individual's responsibility to launder them regularly. Capernwray linen is washed on a regular rotation. Students do need to bring a sleeping bag for weekend trips, which can double as a quilt on their beds.

Capernwray Bible School bedrooms

Capernwray Bible School students

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