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Basic, book by book, or ABC: choose a method to study the Bible; George gives useful and practical tips on your study habits and methods.

Bible Study Methods
By George Edmondson


Different people have different methods of studying the bible, depending on their personal preferences. The main purpose of course, it to become a more devoted and intelligent student of the Bible and to make a personal and spiritual connection with God.

One of the major forms of Bible study is Basic Bible study, in which a person reads the translation of the bible that they feel comfortable with. The bible has many English translations, including "word-for-word" translations or "thought-for-thought" translations, depending on the readers personal preference, as each version of the translation has its pros and cons.

Bible Study students can work on specialized 'Study Bibles', which contain helps and additional notes for further understanding of the bible. Another form of the Bible is Bible Software, which can be installed on the computer and studied from there, which is an advantage to the newer, more computer literate generation.

Another method of Bible study is the 'book-by-book' study, which is one of the most basic and fundamental ways to approach God's book. In this method, each of the books of the Bible is read, understood, and a detailed analysis of its parts is made. Usually students start with the shorter books, like the New Testament Epistles or the Gospel of Mark (the shortest of the Gospels). Notes are then taken on your learning, which is easier then re-reading the entire books.

Yet another method is the 'ABC' method, which has proven to be extremely helpful to students in actually connecting with the Bible and God. In this approach, the first step is to analyze a particular passage of the bible and comprehend its meaning. After this the 'best verse' is chosen, which can be different for different people. It is important to chose a best verse that is meaningful to the reader, rather then choose the obvious best verse. The third step is 'contract' which involved the reader writing down a personal prayer, which is the 'contract' between you and God, and people generally write these down as a way of focusing their thinking, and to give them something to look back on as reference.

If Bible study becomes predictable and the student doesn't feel the connection with God, an alternative, albeit modern approach is the "Markup" Bible Study Approach, in which printouts of certain verses are taken from your Bible software, taking care to leave spaces in the middle for your writing and not to include verse numbers.



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