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Honestly, as a Sunday School teacher, how much better could you be in using the Bible? Julia Shipley, a long-term teacher, gives some tips and pointers.

How To Use The Bible Effectively In Sunday School
By Julia Shipley


The sole purpose of Sunday school is to teach children and young people about God, His Word and His will for their lives. As they study the Bible they learn about creation, how sin entered the world, why we need a Saviour, how God sent his only Son to redeem us etc.

The Bible tells us what is right and what is wrong. The right way to go and what happens if we go the wrong way. It gives examples of people who did what was right in God’s eyes and those who did not follow God’s leading. Most importantly it shows us Jesus Christ and the Way of Salvation that is available through Him.

It is important for all persons of all ages to read their Bible and then to come together with others of similar age and interest to really study God’s Word in Sunday school.

As a Sunday school teacher, are you using the Bible as effectively as you could each week?

The most effective use of the Bible starts with the teacher. They must make the Bible central to their own life, study it, read it daily, memorize it and consult it often. Children and young people should be able to see this love of the Bible and how important it is to the teacher, in the life of the teacher.

At each lesson, the Bible should be the primary book used. It should be referred to often as the lesson is taught. It is the teachers responsibility to signpost the children and young people to their Bibles so they to can learn to find answers and information for themselves.

The Bible can often be conceived as a rule book to keep us from having fun. It is therefore important that you help children and young people to see the Bible as a positive book. Approach each lesson/Bible study as if you are about to discover the greatest news you have ever heard.

The Bible is not just about stories of long ago. Present it as a book that is understandable and its principles and values as very relevant for today. Use various methods to get the message across, drama, role-play, games, crafts etc.

Remember many people do not even have a basic understanding or knowledge of the Bible. So assume nothing, be careful not to look down on those who know little of God’s word. Help all children and young people to a greater understanding and appreciation of the scriptures.

Another reason the Bible can be ineffective is children can get bored with Sunday school and Bible study. So it is important to introduce them to Jesus Christ with each lesson or study group. Once they meet Jesus, and start to understand God’s love and purpose for their lives, the Bible becomes more real and more interesting for them.

Make studying the Bible interesting and relevant to the children and young people’s lives as a matter of importance. Creative Bible study material can be found in any good Christian bookshop if your current curriculum does not suggest it.

Why is the Bible important? Because it tells us of Jesus Christ, His love and His will for us, and reveals the Way of Salvation that is available through Him.

Remember the Bible is our “handbook for life.” As the children and young people apply its lessons to their personal day to day living they will truly benefit from Sunday school. A bumper sticker with a picture of a Bible on it and the following words, “When all else fails, read the instruction.” says it all!


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